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“Clinically Proven Procedure Prevent Hair Loss And Gives You Thicker Hair Quickly”

(And The Best Part Is… No One Will Know You Had This Procedure Done!)

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Date: 8 April, 2019

From: Thomas Tham (Singapore’s #1 Hair Loss Prevention Consultant)

Dear Friend,

If you’re suffering from hair loss and your self-image has taken a terrible pummeling from all that hair thinning, then this message might be the most important one for you this year.

Baldness can not only be quickly treated with proven clinical methods, but even REVERSED.

My current record is 3,500 grafts transplanted, in a day. That’s a full reversal of hair loss prevention services in quick time!

FACT#1: Completed In UNDER One Day

In less time than it takes to binge watch episodes of your favourite TV shows, like Friends, House of Cards, Seinfeld or all three Kung Fu Panda movies…

Your hairline can be completely “repaired” and filled in to the fullest!

FACT #2: Yes! I’m Calling It Completely Natural

Many people do not appreciate that transplantation is a process that uses your own hair.

What can be more natural than this?

On explaining this hair loss prevention service, If you are a football fan watching the British Premiere League, would you have noticed that our famous top scorer Wayne Rooney has a full crop of transplanted hair, plus The equally renowned Cristiano Ronaldo opened a medical hair transplant clinic in Spain for his girlfriend to treat the huge European male population suffering from hair loss.

There are no modifications made to your hair follicles… no medical alterations… no chemical changes applied.

It’s your own hair pure and simple. Once transplanted, it looks completely and absolutely natural. No one would be able to tell you had a procedure done. It is the best way to prevent hair loss Singapore

hair loss prevention Singapore

FACT#3: Permanently Thick Hair? YES!

Unlike trichologists and “herbal” hair loss prevention Singapore centres popularized on MRT/TV advertisements – hair transplant works on the principle of Donor Dominance.

Hairs from the back or sides of the scalp are implanted onto balding/thinning areas to cover up any “empty” areas. These “donor” hairs are specifically chosen because of their resistance to baldness.

This means once your hairs are transplanted successfully, they’ll remain there permanently.

hair loss prevention

(*Strategic and stealthy follicular extractions ensures no “empty” patches are created at the donor area. At the same time, the recipient area will be implanted with hairs to create thickness.)

FACT #4: You Won’t Feel A THING

During your entire procedure you may opt to do several activities…

Watching a movie, reading the latest action/sci-fi/thriller novel or simply catching some much needed shut eye.

Because the procedure is entirely painless, you can choose any activity you like. Many patients opt to watch their favourite movie while their hairline is being “restored”.

FACT #5: It’s Surprisingly Affordable

Most people assume that surgical procedures are costly, and for the most part, they are right. However, with hair transplant, the costs are surprisingly affordable. Our hair expert Thomas will never turn you away just because of your budget restraint as he will plan a option treatment suitable to your needs.

When you string daily premium Starbucks coffee, fees for cabs and expensive bottled water…

Hair transplant costs LESS!

(Note: you might even be offered a payment plan to break down the payments further.)

hair loss prevention service

“Who Am I And Why You Should URGENTLY Heed My Advice…

My name is Thomas Tham, my involvement with hair transplant began in 1997… 20 years ago!

hair loss prevention meeting

(Me at a late evening dinner with my American friends who placed an offer of over $1.5 million in hard-cash to join forces with me in the hair restoration industry)

Some might call me the father of modern hair transplant in Singapore, and I wouldn’t disagree with that. Over the past two decades I’ve helped to transform hairlines of men and women all over Singapore, like these featured procedures…

prevent hair loss singapore

(Patient sees thicker hair line, and density increases in the crown area)

prevent hair loss 2023
(Patient sees an improved hair line, filled in temples and higher density of hair in the crown area)

singapore hair loss prevention

(A brochure shot of a highly satisfied patient who finally owns a more youthful hairline)

“NEW Technology Awakens Your Hairline!”

30 years back hair transplant was in it’s infancy, and most doctors hadn’t even heard of it.

With the proliferation of the information age and advancement of technology today, hair transplant is booming into a very popular medical procedure to prevent hair loss Singapore for both men and women.

A skilled pair of hands can easily restore your hairline to its full glory (like when you were younger).

“But You Must Act FAST

A fact most do not know is, a majority of hair loss is caused by follicular sensitivity to hormones.

When hormones inside your body reach the root of your hair follicles, what happens is slow strangulation of that follicle. Slowly choking the life out of your hair one strand at a time.

And when a strand is completely choked out it dies and simply CANNOT be revived.

hair loss prevention stages

To prevent hair loss Singapore, hair transplant is the only medically approved procedure that reverses baldness permanently.

But there’s a catch…

The longer you wait the costlier it becomes. As more hairs die off permanently, it’s only logical that a larger number of hairs need to be harvested to cover your bald/thinning areas

Which is why I recommend that you grab this offer NOW…

“Get Your FREE Hair Loss Consultation Worth $95.00SGD
(Limited To A Few Individuals Only)”

At 74 years old I’ve already done almost everything I need to do. Now it’s time for me to give back to society, and, build a mountain of goodwill, so I’m doing it one person at a time.

I’m starting with this one-on-one consultation, I would like you to take full advantage of this offer.

  • SERVICE FIRST PHILOSOPHY: As a man who has been through millions of dollars in business (as featured on The Straits Times) I realized that the most important act is service onto others. No matter what your budget is I’ll find a solution for you. I’ll tap into my worldwide list of contacts and hand relevant ones over to you at zero cost. This means I can help you restore your hairline no matter what your budget.
  • INFORMATION RICH CONSULTATION COMPLETELY FREE: With over 20 years of experience and knowledge, I know the in’s and out’s of the entire hair restoration industry. This means you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars making mistakes others will. You’ll save money and because you’re drinking “directly from the source” you’ll also save a lot of time. No fumbling around in the dark required.
  • CONDUCTED IN ABSOLUTE PRIVACY: Your consultation will occur in one of several convenient places dotted across Singapore, namely Singapore Recreation Club (Raffles Place), NUSS Guild House (Suntec City), Tanglin Club (Orchard area) or Raffles Town Club (Bukit Timah Road). If you’d prefer to drop by the Orchard Road clinic you can do that too.

The bottom-line, tailored-made hair loss prevention Singapore available to you right now. 

Consultation sessions like this would usually set you back $95.00 at a private clinic with the same level of years of experience. However, for a limited time, it’s completely free for you. Click to read and follow Top 10 Tips For Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Prevention Singapore

Now, let’s discuss some latest 2023 tips on hair loss prevention. There are certain hairstyles to be avoided that pull on the hair (strain your hair too much). Also, we don’t recommend subjecting your hair and scalp to high temperatures. Some hair styling equipment or hair styling methods may do harm to your hair and scalp when applied. Some examples include prolonged exposure to heat due to hair perm or hair coloring.

You also need to avoid chemicals or bleach that’s applied directly onto your hair. In terms of hair combs, try to use those with soft brushes. This helps to prevent unnecessary hair fall due to the force of the combing action.

In terms of shampoo, use shampoos which have a mild formula instead of using a shampoo that is overly strong.

Get your smile back. Get your confidence back. Get a free consultation for hair loss prevention service today by calling us.

As I’ve mentioned, this is my way of giving back. So please take advantage of this opportunity in front of you.

All you have to do is click this button and fill in the short form which follows…

Understanding the reason For Hair Loss

It is common to lose some hair every day for all. Clinical research shows that losing hundreds of strands of hair in a day is normal. However, there are many cases where to day hair loss are in the thousands. 

Constant and excessive hair loss can leave you with bald spots in the case of man and thinning hair on top of her head in the case of woman. This problem can be started from as young as the 20’s, so it is important to take preventive and corrective actions the moment you realize that you are suffering from it.

There are also many other for this early stage hair loss surfacing in patients who are much younger. Most of it is due to genetics or environmental reasons. Let’s discuss more to prevent hair loss Singapore.

Hair Loss can occur for an array of reasons listed below

Age Factor:
As we get older, our hair has a tendency to break more easily, and our hair follicles do not replace the fallen hair as many as we would like

Hair Coloring & Styling:
Harmful chemicals and shampoos which are used to color or style hair may result in abnormal hair.

Ringworm on the scalp:
Children and people above fifty years old have ringworm on the scalp. This condition not only causes hair problems but also needs proper treatment for the skin too. A dermatology or infectious disease expert may also be called in to combat this issue.

Lack of Nutrition:
Poor protein or iron taken in the diet can also cause hair fall.

Stress and depression:
Recent surgical operation, stress and illness or frequent fever can also cause huge hair loss. In some cases, it happens after many months. avoiding stress can prevent losing your hair assurely.

Diseases like Hyperthyroidism, Blood Cancer, Alopecia, Lupus, Syphilis, or side effects of drugs or medical treatment can also lead to hair loss.

Injury on Scalp:
Severe injury or stitches can can cause balding spots. This may also lead to permanent scalp damage and cause hair loss to deter or slow down.

Hormonal or genetic disorders:
It can be also occur during Pregnancy or Puberty. If a patient is taking in birth control pills, the results may also cause abnormal hair. Changes in a woman’s menstrual cycle may also a  reason for hair issue.

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Thomas Tham

P.S.: The alternative is to try to find the right solutions on your own. This could be very costly in terms of time and money. So go ahead fill in this form and let’s get started to build you thick natural looking hair line. Once again this is completely free for you, but I can’t say how long this offer will be available, I might decide to take it down very soon…