Reasons For Baldness At Early Ages

Baldness in early age, also known as premature baldness, can be caused by many different kinds of reasons. Here are a few typical explanations:

Hormonal changes: Hormone imbalance, especially with regard to androgens (male hormones), can result in hair loss. Stress, drugs, and medical conditions are just a few of the things that might contribute to this imbalance.

Genetics: Androgenetic alopecia, often known as male-pattern baldness, is the most typical cause of baldness in men. It can begin as early as adolescence and is inherited from either parent.

Nutritional deficiencies: Hair follicles might become weak and experience hair loss if vital nutrients like iron, protein, and biotin aren’t present.

Lifestyle factors: Poor eating, excessive drinking, and bad habits like smoking can all cause hair loss.

Baldness covered with hair

Baldness can be further divided into two types. One is temporary baldness and the other one is permanent baldness. When the underlying cause of hair loss is treated, hair growth might return in a condition known as “temporary baldness”, where hair loss is reversible and can get easy treatments for it. on the other hand the disease known as permanent baldness is characterized by irreversible hair loss and irreparably damaged hair follicles. Depending on the underlying reason for the hair loss, there may be a variety of therapy options for both temporary and permanent baldness.

To identify the exact cause of baldness and the best course of action, talk with our hair restoration Singapore clinic.

5 Early Signs of Baldness

  • Overall hair thinning
  • Receding Hairline
  • Excessive hair fall
  • An itchy scalp
  • Shorter hair growth cycle

Hair Health Screening

Hair health screening is a procedure that assesses your hair’s general health and finds any underlying problems that might be preventing it from growing and looking its best. The following are some standard procedures for a hair health examination

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A Hair regrowth specialist will check your physical examination like scalp and hair for indications of hair loss, breakage, and thinning. Additionally, they could look for psoriasis or dandruff on the scalp.

Your medical history, including any medications you are currently taking and any underlying illnesses, will be questioned. The health of your hair may be impacted by certain medical illnesses, such as thyroid or autoimmune disorders.

Your food and nutritional intake will be assessed as part of the nutritional assessment because deficits in some nutrients can lead to hair loss problems.

Analysis of your hair for symptoms of breaking or damage may involve taking a tiny sample of your hair. This can aid in locating any underlying problems, such as a lack of protein or excessive heat styling.

Blood tests may occasionally be performed to look for underlying medical issues or hormonal abnormalities.

Your hair transplant specialist may suggest hair care modifications, prescribe drugs or supplements, or suggest other therapies like hair implant to improve your hair health based on the findings of the hair health screening.

Is it Possible to treat baldness at an early age?

Yes, it is possible to treat baldness at a young age, but the effectiveness of the treatment depends on what is causing the hair loss in the first place. Listed below are a few typical remedies for early baldness.

Hair follicles are removed from a donor area and surgically transplanted to the balding area during a hair transplant. If you’ve lost a lot of hair, it can be a decent alternative. This method is called “Hair Transplant Surgery”

Hair transplant services for baldness

The general health of your hair can be improved by making lifestyle adjustments including giving up smoking, lowering your stress level, and eating a healthy diet.


It’s important to consult who provides hair transplant services to determine the specific cause of early baldness and get the appropriate treatment plan. Treatment options and success rates can vary depending on the individual’s hair loss pattern, age, and other factors.

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