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hair restoration services

Hair Synergy - A Hair Restoration Company

Hair restoration Singapore is now easy with Hair Synergy. Just make an appointment with our experts and get a free consultation. Our senior-most professionals make it clear how simple the process is to get your hair back!

Hair Synergy gives a new start to your lifestyle by giving Hair restoration services Singapore within your budget. We value your money. Let’s get consultation first to explain and start treatment as soon as possible.

Our Incredible Hair Restoration methods

During life cycle, Hair loss is a common and normal part for all because of aging, But sometime due to medical disorder it can occur on scalp on before the time. Some people get really worry when they face hair loss. They may choose to have a transplant method for hair restoration reasons.

Hair Synergy is a hair restoration company and can be done with simple surgeries. There are 2 methods that we adopt. One is Hair Implant and the other one is Hair Transplant. Hair implant is a process of inserting hairs into your scalp and hair transplant is getting grafts of hair from other parts and inserting them into the bald area. Contact Us Today for hair restoration services Singapore.

hair restoration Singapore
hair restoration services Singapore

What Makes Us Popular For Hair Restoration Singapore?

Many diseases lead to serious cause of hair loss. Despite recent breakthroughs, this condition’s medical therapy remains unsatisfactory. The only permanent treatment for this condition is surgical hair restoration services. Follicular unit extraction, 2023’s latest procedure that has enhanced results and patient satisfaction are used by us. We have received good rewards and full satisfactions with our clients results. Our hair restoration company got popular by verbal recommendations from successfully cured patients and not by any flashy advertisements.


Before Hair Restoration Services

Before the surgery, the doctors do a series of checkups to determine that the patient is healthy enough to undergo the procedure. Blood testing, allergy tests, and liver function tests will be performed. The donor’s hair will also be examined by the surgeon. He would also advise the patient to follow certain pre-operative guidelines in order to avoid any surgical complications.

During Hair Restoration Process

The surgeon carefully cleans the scalp before starting the procedure. After the cleaning, the surgeon will numb the scalp with local drugs. Following that, a scissor will be used to remove hair from a portion of the scalp. After that, the region will be properly stitched.
The surgeon will separate the removed hair area into small with a magnifying lens and a sharp surgical knife, which will later be put into the bald area of the scalp. Following the transplant, the surgeon will wrap the area in bandages to help it heal. The entire procedure could take up to four hours or less. Here all patients data will be securely maintained so you can take the step for hair restoration Singapore without any hesitation.

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After Hair Restoration Done

The stitches are usually removed in around ten days. To relieve discomfort, swelling, and a sore scalp, the patient will need to take medication on a daily basis. The drugs also aid in lowering the risk of infection following surgery. In addition, medications are provided to promote hair growth and prevent further hair loss. Read More About Hair Restoration Singapore 2023