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#1 Hair Implant in Singapore

The implantation of hair into the human scalp to hide baldness is known as hair implant. Baldness is a condition in which the scalp loses a lot of hair. Hair synergy has different solutions to get beauty at a low cost.

Hair implant in Singapore now becomes a popular method to restore hair because without hair head may give a feeling of guilt, or sadness, or inferiority. So you can avoid all those feelings by getting back your beauty again. Get know more about the role of Hair Synergy to do this.

Beautiful and Thick Hair is glory for both men and women whereas baldness and hair loss can be a discredit for many. In some cases, many are offended in society and called disrespected names which leads to frustration. Thankfully, With advances in medical sciences on  cosmetic surgery. With a simple hair implant surgery, anyone can easily get the hair back and cover bald spots. So it is the time to go for?

hair implant in Singapore

Hair implant and hair transplant are two methods and more or less both are same procedures for hair restoration. It is a treatment for baldness and thinning hair. It involves implanting synthetic hair into the scalp and have instant results for many celebrities and treated over 100+ patients and never failed in the experience.

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Pros and Cons of Hair Implant Surgery

It is usually a surgical process that required minimum time to grow hair again. It is an artificial hair and lasts for a long period. Hair implant services aim to restore hair growth to spots of the scalp with lesser or failure growth. It is an effective method for many types of hair falling issues, but it wont stop future hair loss. but can control up to the best level. 

The main problem of hair implant services is it never looks like natural hair as it is involved a synthetic hair process. It slightly looks and is mostly compared as a wig that has been fixed to the scalp. It will not grow like natural hair. Thus, if you undergo this procedure for hair implant in Singapore, you will have to settle for the same hairstyle for quite a long time. The chances of your body rejecting a synthetic fiber are higher, Thus the chances of infections also higher. Because of the above, the Hair transplant method is more preferred than this surgery. 

Hair synergy offers hair implant services with correct professional advice. Don’t be sad about this issue as we can begin your hair restoration like magic in your life. We are one of the top listed consultant in Singapore and Contact Us to get results on hair today.

Effective Hair Implant Services

Hair implant the best way to restore your crown beauty, as it is the only known natural and permanent treatment for hair loss in 2022. Along with the long-term effects, The latest surgery method has a list of other advantages:

  • It ensures high aesthetic appearance by using a specific number of grafts.
  • We carry out the operation to ensure that each hair follicle grows after surgery.
  • 100 percent safe and reliable outcomes
  • It is a scar less surgery.
  • Hair restoration procedure that is painless
  • It promotes natural hair growth without being notice by others
  • Relative low cost

Every hair implant process is different because people are different, but the system remains the same. During an examination, healthy hair follicles are discovered, and during surgery, they are precisely taken from the donor region and aesthetically implanted in the recipient location.

hair implant services
hair implants Singapore

Necessary Steps :

Our modernized Hair Implant Centre is an ideal destination in Singapore for hair implant surgeries. With a tailored approach to each patient’s hair transplanting, our hair transplantation is thought to be limited to the extraction and implantation of hair follicles into previously made micro incisions in the recipient area. Our highly skilled surgeon provides significant differences in each hair implant surgery.

These steps are used to determine the extent of a patient’s hair loss. Various hair loss assessment tests, including a blood test to prevent future hair loss, may be recommended during this step. In some cases, the patient needs to wait for the formation of skin and ensure all skin recovery processes are completed medically. The surgeon will also plan for the operation by estimating the required hair follicles and offering appropriate instructions once the extent of hair loss has been determined.

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