The purpose is to ascertain the appropriate type of treatment you will require to combat hair loss. Every case is different. While some may require a quick prescription of pills others may require a more comprehensive treatment.

No, after hair transplant.  But I will be in attendance making sure that everything is in order  I have a  competent team of medically and professionally trained surgeons and nurses who will be performing the entire procedure.

This greatly depends on the extent of your condition. If you’ve been going thru hair loss for many years, its likely you’ll need more grafts compared to someone who wants to do a “touch up”. This is why I’ve always stressed taking action EARLY because it saves you money.
While you may experience mild numbness, most patients are up and about within a few hours of the procedure.
At least 5000 customers since 1998.

While I believe that Hair Transplant is definitely a sure and guaranteed way of getting your hair back provided the follicles are still alive, I also offer the hair loss recovery process in a holistic approach and that is by practising regular washing n cleansing  and massaging the scalp, use of scientifically proven nutrients and solutions, oral consumption of finasteride and topical application of Minoxidil and TOPPIK protein hair fibres.  

I also prescribed the Hair Synergy unique 12 step method to hair restoration together with the Lazer Cap .to revitalize the scalp.  

The patient might inquire about the surgeon’s experience particularly on hair transplant services and request before and after stories or case studies of past patients. Clients can also contact previous patients (only if patients are agreeable and all data must comply with PDPA law) to learn about their experiences and to get an idea of their post-surgery outcomes. The following are the most important questions that any client should ask and clarify.
If the patient is young, he or she should not rush into a hair transplant because the hair loss pattern will take time to mature. Hair transplant services on a scalp with no predetermined ultimate pattern can result in an unnatural appearance as hair loss progresses. Clients with unreasonable requests and expectations should be aware that surgeons are unable to go beyond certain limits since there is a risk that the results may appear artificial and unnatural. If the patients are clear on all of these points, they can proceed with the hair transplant in Singapore. We usually recommend patients to be at least 21 years of age so that they are fully matured and grown, and that any hair loss is not as a result of puberty or any other medical conditions.
Excessive drinking of alcohol can interfere with certain drugs or cause issues during or after a hair transplant surgery. Our doctors prefer that our patients avoid or entirely cease drinking, smoking, and using specific herbs and medications that they are taking at least 2 weeks before the procedure. Tobacco use, cigarettes and other forms of tobacco, can affect hair transplant.