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The first ever Centre for Hair Regrowth Services  was set up by Mr Thomas Tham, who has a storied career in business within the health industry. After leaving a government unit INTRACO, he set forth into the world of commerce two feet at a time.

Today after nearly 30 years of enterprise and self-starting Thomas Tham has found his passion in helping men and women hair regrowth with their natural hair back and benefit with the “look good feel good confidence”.

(Thomas Tham has been featured in The Straits Times).

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ISRHS Attendance

Hair regrowth in Singapore

Hair synergy – Treatment for Hair regrowth in Singapore established for the past 30 years and use the latest hair regrowth technology like hair transplant and hair implant services. We aim to arrest hair loss problems from all over the world, especially Singapore and in Southeast Asia.

Remember hair fall is not a big health issue to worry. We make possible for hair regrowth in Singapore to any aged without hair head and any diseased patients with our diagnosis and simple treatments.

As a hair regrowth expert in Singapore 2023, we celebrate when our patients come back to us to tell us that we have dramatically improved and changed their life. Many of our patients come back to us thanking us profusely for our work. Our hair implant or hair transplant services have enabled them to find love, to make improvements at work, to experience greater joy and confidence in their day-to-day life!

Hair Regrowth Specialist

We strive to work closely with our patients so that they can achieve their desired “before and later” results.

We used to tell all our patients that the main problems revolving around hair loss (aside from genetics and age) is that they are highly-stressed in their life. When the stress level goes down, the hair genes can work better and grow better.

In today’s fast-paced society, many people are experiencing chronic stress, which can contribute to a cycle of thinning, shedding, and delayed hair regrowth in Singapore. Did you know that by making small minute changes or practices to your daily life, you can experience phenomenal growth when it comes to your hair growth? Besides recommending medical improvements to our patients to improve their hair regrowth rates, we also recommend other forms of actions such as a sustainable exercise regime, meditations, or even yoga or pilates.

What should I do next? The steps are simple:

  • Make a consultation with us = Your hair regrowth Singapore consultant!
  • Depending on your condition, you may go for a hair transplant surgery as per advice from our doctors.
  • Reduce your stress level and try to be happy all the time. Smile more often!
  • Follow daily practices like meditation and exercises.

Vision & Mission

Our Hair Regrowth Specialist Vision is to be The Most trusted and established most sought after Hair Loss Professional solution provider and our Misson is to enhance the well-being and bring happiness and satisfaction to all the male balding individuals to live a more confident life with that great FEEL GOOD LOOK GOOD personality and charm.

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Singapore hair regrowth
Thomas Tham at The yearly ISHRS convention in San Francisco

My name is Thomas Tham. I’m in my 70’s and the most sought-after veteran hair regrowth specialist advisor in Singapore.

My hair loss journey began in the early 1970’s when I underwent a hair transplant in London, United Kingdom.

Those were the early days and I didn’t really have a proper mentor to guide me through the process, and the internet wasn’t available then either.

So as you can expect, I got the wind knocked out of me when it was time to check the results.

HORRIBLE is the nicest word I can think of to describe my hair loss transplant in UK.

The trauma inflicted by the surgeon was lasting, there were scars that lasted for many years and to “rub salt into my wounds” there was no way I could re-claim my lost cash from flying to and fro between London and Singapore (accommodation wasn’t cheap either).

Ever since that experience I promised to myself to help men and women get the most accurate information on hair regrowth, this means you avoid the pain, hassle and waste that would be inflicted using questionable treatments. First and foremost I got educated in hair loss matters and attained professional relationships with members of the internationally recognized I.S.H.R.S. (International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery).

hair regrowth in Singapore
Thomas (center) with DR Richard Shield, Australia renowned father of the hair transplant 

My hair loss problems were shortly solved after getting better information.

In Singapore I established “Hair Harvest” which held 1st ever Singapore hair regrowth seminar for hair loss, it was a wild success attended by 500 people from all sectors of life, retirees, bankers, business owners, traders, you name it they were there.

hair regrowth specialist
Thomas with DR Charlotte from France
hair regrowth in singapore
With Dr Bernstein, New York most sought after Hair Surgeon and dermatologist

Some of the biggest names in the field of hair regrowth services were there too…Word soon spread about the effectiveness of my methods and pretty soon I was rubbing shoulders with the “who’s who” of the hair restoration world.Top physicians from Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Greece and USA sit on my contact list, available at a moment’s notice to fill me in to their latest discoveries.

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Dr Russel Knudsen & Thomas (left) and Dr Akira of Japan (right)

P.S.: The world’s #1 leader in hair loss products (withholding the name due to legal reasons) placed a takeover valuation on my hair loss company at a cool $1.8 million. I’m not saying this to brag but to demonstrate that if the world’s leader in hair regrowth speialist wouldn’t think twice about splurging that type of money on my company then there must be some good sense in what I’m telling you today.

Our Hair Regrowth Testimonial all the way from the United Kingdom!

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