Top 10 Useful Advice for Hair Regrowth in Singapore 2022

By a renowned hair regrowth specialist in Singapore :-

Hair Synergy, a Singapore hair regrowth specialist shares this article for your knowledge, the advice and tips for hair loss prevention. Alopecia is a disease that is the most typical reason for hair loss. When it affects men, this disorder is known as baldness, and when it affects women, it is known as female-pattern hair loss.

Alopecia, or hair loss, can be a temporary or long time and can affect the whole scalp or some parts of your head. It could be brought on by hereditary factors, diseases, hormonal changes, or a natural aspect of aging. Even though anyone can lose hair on their head, men are more affected.

As per as concern hair regrowth Singapore, It can be treated with the help of food, clinical procedures, proper drug intake, and treatment with exercises. The following 10 tips and advice you should know to protect yourself against hair loss prevention Singapore.

Diet for hair regrowth and prevent hair loss

Food is the best medicine for all diseases. Usage of a rich diet like amla, almonds, walnuts, and pomegranates is the best way to achieve naturally shiny hair. Intake of green leafy vegetables is good for scalp care and makes hair follicles hydrated. Some fatty acids are important to skin health and may help reduce inflammation. Deficiency can cause dry skin, dry hair, and dandruff. Salmon, trout, and mackerel are among the fatty fish that are great suppliers of omega-3 fatty acids. You can also consume more omega-3-rich foods like flaxseed, chia seeds, and walnuts or take a fish oil supplement.

Diet for hair regrowth and prevent hair loss

Avoid certain foods such as refined carbs, white bread, red meat, fried food items, processed foods, high sugary food items, and junk foods which may trigger hair loss problems.

Minimize stress level for hair regrowth

Minimize stress level for hair regrowth

Is your job full of stress or do you have any family issues? Stress is a basic thing as it may create many kinds of new diseases that you haven’t faced in your life before and one of them is hair loss. Stress pushes a large number of hair follicles into a resting phase. Always be relaxed and never be stressed for even a fraction of a second. Avoiding stress at home or office may help you as a booster of hair regrowth services.

Avoid harmful shampooing

How familiar are you with the ingredients of the shampoo you use for hair regrowth in Singapore? Go for always popular shampoos and read the ingredients label on the back side of the bottle before purchasing it. In some local shampoos, harmful chemicals are added that you should pay attention to while seeing it. Sulfates which are harsh and can damage hair, parabens can increase the growth of cancer cells, and salty Sodium chloride can make the sensitive scalp dry and itchy. Some alcohols have a drying effect and are bad for the hair. To make them seem good, most shampoos and conditioners are colored with synthetic dyes. These colors originate from coal tar or petroleum, both of which have negative consequences on health.

Avoid harmful shampooing
Unbranded hair gels side effects

Do not apply unbranded hair gels

As with harmful shampooing, we must all know the side effects of unbranded hair gels and hair coloring agents. They are not safe either. The chemicals in those hair gels can cause your hair to look dry and lifeless if you use them frequently. Hair gel can make your hair look nice temporarily but frequent use can also steal its natural richness and shine. It improves one’s external appearance and boosts their level of confidence for the time being. But on the other hand, because of the presence of toxic chemicals, hair gels have harmful effects on the hair, scalps, and body. The caustic chemicals used in hair coloring can dry out the hair and scalp.

Do not use unproven home remedies

We know home remedies are natural and healthy, but we do not go for unproven methods for home cure. Do not apply local home-made oils which are created with hibiscus flowers, or any other harmful things. It destroys your hair with external pollutants and can impact the production of sebum, which is an essential for keeping your hair and scalp hydrated as well as strong. Slow reduction in the production of sebum results in hair fall.

unproven home remedies

Keep away from hair styling, hair straightening, hair overlapping

Many people in Singapore are worried about hair loss and are seeking solutions for hair regrowth. Many people play with their hair at an earlier stage of their lives but the hair becomes harsh, dull and unnatural on certain days. The hair styling field is ablaze with new treatments and procedures to make curly or unfit hair to pin straight. These hair stylish methods can work for several months until new hair regrowth. It creates dryness, Frizz, Breakage, Split ends, Dullness, Hair fall, Itchy, Slower hair regrowth etc. By getting attracted to flashy advertisements of hair styling by salon shops who do it for their business, people lose their natural hair. But we must keep away and be aware of the side effects of unnatural hair styling. In some studies it has mentioned that these hair styling methods may create respiratory effects on older age, increased risk of breast cancer etc. So better to keep away from these hair styling methods and have a healthy hair and scalp.

Dandruff treatment is essential

Do not let dandruff get on your head. Dry skin, seborrheic dermatitis, sensitivity to hair products, and the development of a particular type of fungus that lives on your scalp are just a few of the possible reasons for dandruff. It can be treated with the help of home remedies. The best technique to get rid of dandruff is to apply 1 tablespoon of lemon juice diluted with 1/4 glass of water on the scalp as a pre-shampoo treatment. Alternatively, tea tree oil has been shown to have potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, which may help reduce dandruff symptoms. Coconut oil, known for its many health advantages, is also employed as a home cure for dandruff. In some research aloe vera’s antibacterial and antifungal qualities may help to lessen inflammation and the symptoms of dandruff and is commonly found in Singapore hair regrowth centre.

Cure Dandruff Problem
wash your hair regularly

Wash Your Hair Regularly

Washing hair helps remove dirt, debris, and odors, such as smoke or sweat effectively. Washing hair can also remove the oily feel from hair. Hair washing moisturizes and promotes hair regrowth. Germ buildup is prevented by cleaning hair with water. Flaking can be minimized with clean hair and good hygiene.

Break Bad Habits

Smoking cigarettes can damage your hair follicles and increase your risk of hair loss. The hair loss prevention researchers found that 425 out of 500 smokers had some degree of hair loss while only 200 of 500 nonsmokers showed signs of hair loss. It also creates other diseases like heart attack, stroke, and blood clots and damages the lungs which affect the respiratory system etc. Alcohol is bad for health and it is the reason for major diseases. It is not good for the health of hair regrowth. Heavy drinking of alcohol may also lead to hair loss, Some household products contain alcohol that also may damage your hair if excessively used.

bad habits bad for health
consult your doctor

Consult Your Doctor – Go For Clinically Proven Methods

It’s typical to lose between 25 and 60 hairs per day. In actuality, it is a natural mechanism wherein the scalp expels a tiny number of hairs that are thought to be in the telogen phase each day. It is known as the hair cycle. If the hair loss is more severe and has been occurring continuously for at least three months, you should speak with your hair regrowth specialist who specializes in treating hair loss. Without their assistance, fighting hair loss can be quite challenging.

Hair Implant and Hair Transplant services Singapore are the two clinically proven methods and it is the final solution for hair regrowth especially when you have no other hope. Among them, FUE Hair transplant methods are simple and carried by hair regrowth specialists to cover your head with hair more quickly. These are safe and do not harm your body or health. So, consult a hair transplant specialist in hair loss specializing in both male and female hair loss. Also, while you wait for your appointment with the professional, feel free to consult a primary care physician.


Read carefully and follow these steps for the best results on hair regrowth in Singapore. We care about your health, beauty, and fitness and do not take a single step with carelessness that may lead to hair loss. Do not judge everything by yourself. Always get advice from a professional Singapore hair restoration centre. Sometimes your health may get affected by the steps which are taken without professional advice. Better to share all your hair problems with your known and friendly hair regrowth specialist. By doing all this you will get a permanent solution for your hair problems and again you will get an opportunity for beautiful, shiny and thicker hair.