Its A Shame For You To Go Bald When So Many Others Have Regrown Their Hair
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Our Ambassadors

Beginning back in 1997 with the first hair restoration outfit, I helped the first 2 overseas clients from Hong Kong, Roger and Perkins. Both were very estatic with the hair restoration results and gladly agreed to be our ambassadors.


I was apprehensive at first…but the whole process was appeared to be better than I expected and painless too! It was over in no time at all and by the end of it I could already see results.

- Andrew, Marketing Manager


After several bad and messy experiences I actually had less hair, not more! Thankfully, I came across Hair Synergy, who has done marvelous job providing me with accurate information during my consultation, this lead me to take the right action to get my hair back. I am very pleased I heeded advice provided by Thomas.

- Anthony, Company Director

John K.

It took almost half a year before I decide to take the plunge and follow the advice of Thomas. Now, about 6 months later, most of my balding spots are covered with hair and I am very pleased with the result. The improvement is obvious and my hair appears fuller.

- John K., Lecturer