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For hair restoration services, No one is turned away! With the right & correct professional advice, coupled with an offer of a solution for an affordable price according to your budget – a free consultation worth $98 plus a free set of hair nutrient packages to have a healthy scalp and hair restoration Singapore!

“Hairsynergy” as the name denotes its ability to put together all available options to “cure” and arrest hair loss and hair regrowth naturally.

As shown in the logo, the three strands of new regrowth hair represent the 3C’s.


hair restoration services

Hair Synergy – Hair Restoration Services Singapore

My name is Thomas Tham. I’m in my 70’s and I’m also Singapore’s most sought after veteran hair loss expert advisor.

I began my journey in the hair loss world in the early 1970’s when I went for a hair transplant in London, UK.

(Thomas Tham has been featured in The Straits Times).

The hair restoration company creates beautiful hair with several methods. Among them – Hair implant surgery and Hair transplant services in Singapore are the most popular methods for hair restoration in 2023.

We also conducted programs on hair loss prevention services and hair restoration services Singapore to share our ideas and thoughts to make hair regrowth awareness in general. Avoid hair loss today. Contact us now!

Hair Implant

Hair Implant is a process of insertion of hair into the human scalp to cover baldness. Baldness is an excessive loss of hair from the scalp. Hair implant surgery can be done on hair synergy at affordable prices. Read more for hair implant in Singapore

Hair Restoration Singapore

With a lot of good research on hair restoration services in Singapore and experience in the journey of hair loss cases, we have treated many patients with love and care within the specified time as we promise. Read more for hair restoration Singapore

Hair Loss Prevention

There are many things you can do for hair loss prevention, But we must first find the reason for hair loss. Hair loss usually occurs by stress, thyroid, scalp infection, and pregnancy period for women. When hair loss starts, you need to see us. Read More for hair loss prevention service

Hair Regrowth Services

Hair Synergy gives you a wide range of hair regrowth services with multiple choices of hair treatments at different costs. Hair regrowth in Singapore is now possible for any patient. Read More for hair regrowth Singapore

Hair Transplant Services

Hair transplant is a technique of getting grafts of hair from the back and sides of your head and transplanted into bald spots at the front. Our hair transplant specialist makes it painless, quick and easy for you to get your hair back again. Read more for Singapore hair transplant services

Hair Restoration Services

Hair Consultation

Get a FREE personal hair consultation worth $120. Call us today!

Hair Scalp Analysis

To identify the root of problem

Hair Styling and Maintenance Programme
Introduction of Health Nutrients and Hair Fiber Thickener
Hair Regrowth and Replacement
Hair Transplant

By established pool of Certified Medical Professionals locally and in the region.

All Of Us Desire A Beautiful Hair On Head

The most important thing for a lady is stunningly-beautiful thick and lengthy hair. For a man, it is lovely sparkling hair that make him good-looking and confident when he is carrying out his day-to-day chores.

Both man and women will feel confident and happy about themselves if they have amazing hair on the top of their heads. A good stylish hair can make anyone stand out in the middle of friends, family relatives or colleagues on any activities like events, festivals or at work.  Singapore hair transplant services will help you to say good bye to baldness permanently.

The advantages of having thick hair is that it can be cut or colored with the person’s desired style and fashion. A man or woman in society is always treated with utmost respect if they are presentable and confident. That is why we always advice for hair restoration services to be done for you if you are suffering from hair loss. It is not only the image that hurts you, but the resulting lack in confidence that will affect your marriage, your social life, as well as your career and work life.

Conversely, on the other hand, balding people are always recognized for their baldness which always makes them ashamed. Although there are many people who are suffering from some sort of hair loss and yet they are living life with gusto, this group of people is rare and few.

Bald men more often than not feel ashamed and inferior. Have you come across your friends who always wear a cap when they go out to socialize? These friends of yours need help! They need a professional to guide them when it comes to hair loss prevention service, or for some, they may even consider hair transplant services in Singapore or hair implant services.

Did you know?

For some genetic reasons, baldness starts for some people at the tender age of 25 years old! In our decades of running Hair Synergy business, we have come across unfortunate youngsters who are suffering from hair loss and they do not know what to do. Luckily for most of them, they’ve come to know us – the hair regrowth specialist in Singapore. We are here to help!

Do not lose your hair as well as your confidence in life! Hair loss is a small issue which we can easily help you to overcome!

Stop worrying about being bald, losing your loved ones, getting sidetracked for promotion at your workplace. Worry no more! You have reached the correct place – “Hair Synergy” One of the best Singapore hair restoration services specialists in Singapore.

What are some common reasons for hair loss?

  • Disorders like thyroid or blood cancer.
  • Genetic issues or hormonal changes on your body.
  • The lack of strength on your hair to grow.
  • Usage of harmful ingredients, shampoos and gels for your hair. Take note that there are some products in the market that may be unsuitable for your hair type and your hair scalp.
  • Pregnancy or Puberty.
  • Poor protein or iron in the body.

There are also reasons for  baldness at early ages.  Also some patients may experience hair loss after having a high fever or recovering from an illness. Hair Synergy gives genuine, professional and exact solutions for Hair Restoration services in Singapore. We have effective methods of treatment such as hair implants & hair transplants at affordable pricing. These procedures are painless and you can see instantaneous results! Come with a broad mind and have a conversation with us. We are confident and sure that we can bring a smile to you at the end of the session. 🙂

singapore hair restoration services

The benefits of visiting our Hair Restoration Company:

  • Get your beauty back at an affordable price.
  • Walk with a smile and confidence.
  • With hair transplant services in Singapore, no more weeks or months where you need to wait for your hair restoration.
  • Consult directly with the specialists instead of with the support team.
  • 100% results and no side effects with our hair implants Singapore
  • No flashy advertisements, no fake promises and no fraudulent offers. We are genuine. That’s why our hair restoration company have been in this business for 3 decades!

Follow Top 10 Useful Advice for Hair Regrowth in Singapore (Updated 2023)

Life Changing Results on Hair Implant

Before & After Hair Implant Services

hair restoration services

Successful Client #1: Andrew

Still happy since my hair transplant services in Singapore 10 years ago.

hair restoration singapore

Successful Client #2: Anthony

Business volume tripled after full confidence restored.

hair restoration services singapore

Successful Client #3: Bruno

A more manly look achieved with the matching side burn.


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