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Free hair consultation worth $60 by a professional plus a complimentary bottle of protein hair fiber worth $20.

During the free hair consultation, our hair consultant professional will take a close look at your hair condition and let you know about the best treatment you can get. Because every individual is unique, we strongly recommend that you request for a free hair consultation session and we can advice you further.

* We receive an average of 2-3 consultation requests per day so book your appointment before timeslots are taken up!

** Clinics at Orchard and Suntec.

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Free Hair Consultation Worth $60

* Includes free gift of protein hair fiber worth $20!

Featured Testimonials

Anthony's Testimonial

"After several bad and messy experiences I actually had less hair, not more! Thankfully, I came across Hair Synergy, who has done marvelous job providing me with accurate information during my consultation, this lead me to take the right action to get my hair back. I am very pleased I heeded advice provided by Thomas."

Anthony, Company Director

Joseph's Testimonial

"I was apprehensive at first…but the whole process was appeared to be better than I expected and painless too! It was over in no time at all and by the end of it I could already see results."

Joseph, Marketing Manager

Our Difference

Not Just Hair Treatment
At Hair Synergy, we provide not just hair treatment services. We specialise in hair surgery, hair transplant, surgical/medical methods of hair restoration.
One to One Consultation
We provide one to one consultation to all our customers before they engage our services. We advise on whether hair transplant is feasible for them and what considerations they need.
Solve The Root Problem
At Hair Synergy, our hair transplant methods are not just about hiding the bald areas or putting on fake hair. We focus on improving the health of your hair and scalp so as to provide long term benefits.
After Care Services
Hair Synergy provides great after care services for our customers, with follow ups on their health after the procedure. We want to make sure that you are doing fine after the hair transplant.


  • What is the purpose of “Get Your Hair Back” Consultations?

    The purpose is to ascertain the appropriate type of treatment you will require to combat hair loss. Every case is different. While some may require a quick prescription of pills others may require a more comprehensive treatment.
  • Will you be performing FUE hair transplant on me?

    No, I will not be personally be performing FUE hair transplant. I have an authorized surgeon with me who will do the surgery if I believe its something you need.
  • If I decide to go for FUE hair transplant, how much will it cost me?

    This greatly depends on the extent of your condition. If you’ve been going thru hair loss for many years, its likely you’ll need more grafts compared to someone who wants to do a “touch up”. This is why I’ve always stressed taking action EARLY because it saves you money.
  • Is there any downtime associated with FUE hair transplant?

    While you may experience mild numbness, most patients are up and about within a few hours of the procedure.
  • How many patients have you helped thru out your career in the hair loss?

    Hundreds. We have an average of 2-3 consultations or enquiries per day.

Free Hair Consultation Worth $60

* Includes free gift of protein hair fiber worth $20!


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